Author Guidelines

  1. You can submit original articles with author name and email addresses, therefore, copied content or someone else’s articles are not allowed.
  2. If you hired a writer and want to submit his articles then get a license before submitting articles. It would be fraud to write your own name on someone else’s articles.
  3. Your article should be informative, case studies, or strategies. We do not accept articles that contain more than 5 lines of quoted material.
  4. Your article must not be a sales letter, press release, promotional material for your product or website. It should not be the reply of a personal email or letter.
  5. Your article must be written in proper English, without grammatical errors, spelling, and punctuation errors.
  6. The article should not contain adult/pornography material, violence against religion, hate material written against a particular group, or race so don’t submit such articles in our website.
  7. It must not contain bomb creation methods, hacking and cracking techniques, support for drugs, terrorism, weapon, steroid, alcohol, tobacco, and related products.
  8. It should not contain essays, assignments, and papers by convincing students to buy.
  9. The content should not violate any law such as libellous, defamatory, and legal rights. Similarly don’t submit an article more than once in our site.
  10. It should not contain excessive use of keywords but you can format headings and subheadings of the article bold.

Article Format Guidelines
The author should follow the following format guidelines for his articles.

  1. Your article title should be in Title case, i.e. first letter of every world should be Capital (upper case).
  2. We don’t accept title in CAPS and similarly words such as “a”, “the” and for can be written in small or capitals.
  3. There should not be quotes around your complete title.
  4. There should not be dot (full stop) at the end of your title.
  5. Don’t use too much punctuation in your articles.
  6. The article should be in plain text therefore don’t use HTML tags in your article Title.
  7. The author name or website name cannot be a part of the article title.
  8. Your article title should be a combination of two or more words.

Author Name Guidelines

  1. You should use full name as the author name of the article.
  2. The first and last name of the author should begin with capital letters.
  3. Your company name, Email address or URL cannot be your author name.
  4. Adjectives or nouns as a part of the author name are not acceptable.
  5. You cannot include author name in the title of the article.
  6. Each author can create a single account against his name and email address.
  7. You cannot use number in your author name so in such cases your article will not be published.

Article Body Guidelines

  1. Your article should not be less than 250 words and more than 5,000 words in length. We recommend 400-800 words of an article.
  2. Don’t repeat author name or title of the article in article body.
  3. The author should include copyright and REPRINT RIGHTS at the end of the article.
  4. You cannot include your website address or promotional lines so we can remove it from our database without any notice. You can include links at the bottom of the article in the resource box.
  5. Do not include Microsoft Word Smart Quotes in your articles.

How To Use Keywords

  1. You should put comma in each keyword or key phrase.
  2. Your article should be according to your keywords.
  3. You can have minimum 3-5 keywords and 20 – 25 maximum keywords.

Article Category Guidelines
You should submit your article in the best category according to the theme of your article. In case of inappropriate category, we can change it according to the theme of the article.

More Guidelines

  1. You are the author so all copyrights belong to you. Your submission of article gives the unconditional permission to ArticleWorlddb for republishing it on other websites and print publication.
  2. There is no guarantee that your articles will be published on ArticleWorlddb because It depends on the quality of your article. We have the rights to remove your article or membership without any prior notice.
  3. We have the right to change the category of your article if it is submitted in wrong category. Therefore submit your article in appropriate category.
  4. The author can submit articles free of cost and our publishers can republish these articles on their websites free of cost
  5. We reserve the right to post ads at the page where your article is submitted.
  6. You should not use false methods to increase traffic to your article in our site.
  7. ArticleWorlddb has the right to change the Terms & Conditions about article writing at any time without prior notice.

The purpose of the summary is to give a general idea about the topic to the reader of the article.

  1. There should be 2-5 sentences in article summary. Therefore, mostly authors use first paragraph as article summary.
  2. The author cannot use HTML tag in article summary
  3. We don’t allow promotion in article summary.
  4. It should not contain Author name.
  5. There should not be your email address or website address in your article summary.