Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We receive different types of queries regarding different issues and most of them are similar so we have provided their answers in our FAQ section. But if you are unable to find the answer to your question then please contact us at, we shall respond to you quickly.

We shall deal only those matters which are directly related to but questions related to services or products viewed on our website would be forwarded to them. The articleworlddb is not linked or connected to the parties displaying advertisement on our website therefore we are not responsible for their actions.

How can I register / create an account on

You can register or create account on our website easily by clicking on Register in the right of the website or clicking here. You need to fill a short form and once we receive your information then an email is sent you to set password to continue. We have modified our website so you can create your account by providing minimum information.

Account is created – How to submit articles on

You can register free of cost to submit your articles. Our team of editors will review it and publish if it fulfills our criteria so please read author guidelines to have a good idea. Your information such as your name and email is confidential and we shall not provide this information to anyone. After log in, you come in our author area for article writing or submit articles.

I have just set up an account but cannot log in?

Once an account is created then an email is sent at the given email address. You can set a password to use in future for login purpose. It can take a time of 1 hour so be patient and complaint if you have a problem in log in.

How long it will take to approve an article?

It depends on the number of articles pending because the team of editors has to go through each of the articles. But normally it takes from 1 day to 7 days to approve an article. After approval your good article is published on the website.

Can I edit my submitted article?

No, you cannot edit your submitted article. Therefore it is better to review your article before submission.

Can I delete a submitted article?

No, you cannot do it, but if you want to get it deleted then contact us directly at webmaster email address.

Is Article World db is free to use?

Yes, it is completely free. We don’t charge. We don’t pay any author for his article but one can put a link to his website in the article.

Can I use the articles of Article Worlddb on my site?

Yes, you can republish an article on your website if its author has no objection. The links given in the article cannot be changed because the copyrights belong to the author. Therefore you need to contact us to get his approval.

Once you are permitted to use our articles on your website or blog then you can publish them on your website. You cannot alter them because all the credit should be to the original author. The links should be intact to the articleworlddb and the website of the author.

What are your editorial guidelines?

You should know complete editorial guidelines so click here to read.

What are the publisher guidelines?

You can read complete publisher guidelines here so please read them to republish articles on your websites.