Privacy Policy

We are strict about your privacy therefore we don’t share your provided data during your interaction with our website. Here is our comprehensive privacy policy to show the collection of data and its usage.

Membership information:

We register authors by collecting minimum information which is kept confidential. We shall not sell or give this information to a third party but we can use it to provide excellent services to users.

  • Email Privacy:

We collect your email to provide a password reset link. Therefore, It is only to keep in touch with you.

  • Member Communication

You can communicate with us using your registered email address. We shall reply or inform you about the services or queries because we believe in the quality of the services.

  • Periodical Relationship

Email is a medium to communicate with you. It is a way to inform about the change in services or policies.

  • Personal Data / Information

We collect the name and email address of the author only. We use cookies to store data but it is not sold or shared with third parties.  


We can use your information for research and analysis to improve our services. So you should not worry about it.

We don’t take services from third parties but if it becomes necessary to involve them, then we strictly protect your information.

We can use your email address for surveys to make our services better so you should not worry about it.


We have links to some websites but they are responsible for their own privacy policies. We are not responsible for their any action. Our main focus is to improve our quality and service by protecting your personal information.

Advertisement Terms & Conditions:

We don’t provide any data to our advertisers but they can grab some data automatically such as history data, cookies or IP addresses and geographical locations to focus on their target market.

Data Security:

Articleworlddb is strict for the security of its user’s data. We don’t allow alteration or misuse personal data. Therefore, we don’t provide unauthorised access to the data. We can bring change in our privacy policy at any time depending on our requirements.

Legal Disclaimer:

We do every effort to protect our users’ personal data. We are only bound to show it when it is a legal requirement and we have faith and belief that it will not be misused.

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