The Paid to Answer Sites and Implied Business Opportunities

Are you a specialist in a field or do you believe to have enough knowledge and wisdom to provide good answers to other people’s questions ? Are there any websites that compensate you for sharing your knowledge and expertise ? The solution to the last question is affirmative as there are certainly sites that compensate you for replying questions other persons ask.
The paid to answer websites are copies of the answer sites: historically the first answer site is and the initial paid to answer site was Google answers in which people could ask questions and who answered them was paid but now it’s closed since the end of 2006, it has been surpassed by the notorious yahoo answers along with the and the linkedin answers which is restricted to business linked questions.
Yahoo answers is the most popular answer site in which people are not paid but obtain points for answering inquiries other persons pose: such points are valueless from an economical viewpoint and using affiliate links in the solutions could lead to bans, so who has more points than others can just feel a bit wiser than the others and nothing else. works in a similar way and also here affiliate links can lead to answers removed by moderators.
You see that there are two types of answer sites: the first one in which everybody reply on any sort of questions while in the other one only specialists reply to serious inquiries. Instead the paid to answer sites are of the kind in which specialists are paid to answer inquiries and comes from Google answers as are organized in a very similar way. To find them just query Google by “paid to answer questions” and you will find some nice results, anyway specialists in such sites must have credentials and provide proofs of their knowledge.
What happens if you do not have a certification or you don’t have an competence in the discipline you are applying for ? Then you cannot qualify for such sites because they want to give a top quality service to their clients and so they need to have qualified people working for them.
If you meet their requirements then you will have a good time with them certainly, it will be a source of extra revenue and if you are lucky than you can make a living from it. But if you do not have such credentials then you should opt for websites in which aren’t necessary such requirements, you can discover them searching Google by “paid to answer questions adsense”.
You must accept the fact that such sites don’t compensate you a exact amount for every your answer chosen as best by its asker, instead you can register an adsense account for free at Google and they allow you to use it for half of the shows of your solutions elected as best. They aren’t surely a quick get rich scheme and you must work a lot before making a living of it: just having best solutions in your account is not sufficient because if the webpages in which your best answers are shown aren’t visited then you will not make a cent so they have to rank good in search engines, to achieve this you must have good quality links to them that you can obtain with article marketing and other approaches.

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